Anonymous asked "picuter that move"

indeed. it’s all very Harry Potter.

Anonymous asked "school one"

not sure what you’re asking?

obeyy-marmar asked "I tried to make like the slide show thing for my pics to move, but can't.. didn't really understand what you said on here..."

There’s a lovely tutorial by someone named Sam here

farahfawesome asked "Hi, I'm curious and want to know how to edit some of my photo become moving photo? Thank you."

tutorial here :)

Anonymous asked "how do u make ur own pic move"

Here’s a lovely tutorial

Anonymous asked "follow me"

Well you’re anonymous so

Anonymous asked "dora"

What about her?

Anonymous asked "do you look hot"

um I don’t know that’s for other people to decide isn’t it?

Anonymous asked "You haven't been on in a month :'("

I’m sorry :( I have two blogs and it’s hard to keep up with them. It got really difficult to find new gifs and categorize all of them and set up a queue so it could go on while I was at school. People can submit gifs if they want and I’ll post them :)

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